STREET SPRINTER: Kevin Krosch will compete at the Wondai Street Sprints in his 1969 Ford Capri.
STREET SPRINTER: Kevin Krosch will compete at the Wondai Street Sprints in his 1969 Ford Capri. Keagan Elder

Wondai Street Sprints get into gear for July 11-12 start

THE inaugural Wondai Street Sprints has attracted more than 90 drivers from a rich background of motorsport.

Organiser Kevin Krosch said there were drivers of a speedway background through to those who have graced the track of Bathurst.

"There's a good cross-section of drivers and a good cross-section of cars," Krosch said.

With just three weeks to before the sprints make its debut at Wondai over June 11-12, Krosch said the excitement had started to set in.

He said the number of drivers exceeded the numbers at more established race events and put it down to the quality of the track.

"The last two I went in at Oakey, they haven't cracked over 80," he said.

Krosch said the fact there were no sprint tracks east of the Dividing Range, the track at Wondai made an attractive location for racers this side of the Range.

Another drawcard is that Will Hagon will be commentating on the action from the trackside.

"He's one of the best," Krosch said.

Over Hagon's career, he commentated on 11 Bathursts for Channel 7 and worked for the ABC and SBS as a motoring journalist.

Krosch said he was no stranger to the biggest race events but opted to tend to the Wondai Street Sprints to get back to the grassroots of the sport.

"He's opted to come over here and get it off the ground," he said.

Krosch said other highlights included Vikki Paxton, a former Formula Ford racer who suffered a massive crash in 1991 which left her with irreparable damage to her legs.

"She got fairly well smashed up," he said.

"She's got a special car made up for her."

Despite the life-changing crash, Krosch said she was just as competitive as ever and was in it to win the overall fastest time around the track in her Dallara F301.

Malcolm Rea will join eight other South Burnett drivers at Wondai: Kevin Krosch, Peter Wainwright, Kenny Slater, Paul Geritz, John Provan, Dennis Carroll, Mark Calvert and Paul Halse.

The biggest prizes of the weekend will include fastest outright, fastest female driver and fastest junior driver.