Woody Allen’s foray into television was an expensive misfire.
Woody Allen’s foray into television was an expensive misfire. Wikimedia Commons

Staggering cost of Woody Allen’s TV flop

THERE'S a lot to unpack in The Hollywood Reporter's recent article about Amazon's changing television strategy.

However, there's one shocking nugget of news buried at the very bottom of Lesley Goldberg's piece. Goldberg quotes anonymous sources that claim Allen was paid $US80 million for his work on Woody Allen's Crisis in Six Scenes, a show the source described as a "$US100 million boondoggle."

If you've forgotten about the show or never even knew that Woody Allen had a TV show, you're forgiven. The six-episode series stars Allen, Miley Cyrus, and Elaine May and follows how a 1960s suburban family's life changes following the appearance of a stranger (Cyrus). The series currently has a critical score of 18 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and an audience score of 58 percent.

Miley Cyrus starred in the 1960s-set show.
Miley Cyrus starred in the 1960s-set show. Contributed

This item about Crisis in Six Scenes continues a trend Goldberg's piece outlines - Amazon overspending on niche interest shows. Before Amazon scrapped Season 2 of Z: The Beginning of Everything, it had reportedly spent almost $US7 million on the season, and though Amazon only licensed the now-cancelled The Last Tycoon, it too seems to be underperforming when it comes to both critical opinions and audience numbers. According to the same article, the company is also reportedly millions over budget for Goliath's second season.

Amazon is still committed to its $US4.5 billion budget for new original content. However, it seems as though that budget will now be going to more festival films and finding Amazon's Game of Thrones. It's unclear if Amazon is going to let Woody Allen make any more television, but it seems doubtful.

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