BATTLE LOST: Stan Brady and his wife Gail celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary in hospital.
BATTLE LOST: Stan Brady and his wife Gail celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary in hospital. Contributed

Stan dies from injuries sustained in tree felling accident

A "TRUE Gympie battler" lost his fight for life late Wednesday after 13 days in hospital battling injuries sustained in a freak tree felling accident.

Sixty-two-year-old Stan Brady died in Royal Brisbane Hospital after having his life support turned off less than two days earlier.

His daughter, Tienelle Cross, said the family was devastated and still coming to grips with the loss of such a great man.

She said her father never came out of his coma after being rescued from the Coondoo accident site on May 19.

"He was the most incredible person you would ever meet," Tienelle said.

"He was such a kind man and generous.

"An extremely hard working battler... a true Gympie battler.

"I have the utmost respect for him and I'm so proud to be his daughter," she said.

The family has received many phone calls from people offering support and showing their respect for Mr Brady since his passing.

Tienelle thanked everyone for their kind words, thoughts and prayers.

"He is going to be very sadly missed," she said.

"He was the rock of the family; he was the go to guy.

"Everyone went to him for help; he was always the guy to give advice."

Mr Brady never woke up after being hit by a tree branch in the freak accident.

"He was chopping down tree number one, it fell into tree two which fell into tree three," Tienelle said.

"Tree three has come back at him and he saw it, made a run for it and hid behind a larger tree."

The top of the third tree has come down over the tree Mr Brady was hiding behind. The branches hit him and knocked him into the larger tree, causing major skull fractures.

It took rescuers more than an hour to get to him because of the remoteness of the Coondoo site.

He was then airlifted to Brisbane.

"It was a freakish accident; a terrible, terrible twist of fate," Tienelle said.

The family is now waiting on the coroner to finish investigations so a funeral date can be set.