State’s top 10 baby names for boys and girls

QUEENSLAND has a new most popular baby girl name with Olivia crawling to the top of the podium alongside Oliver for boys.

Charlotte's four years at the top have come to an end with just one baby the difference, handing Olivia the gold dummy with 313 of them born in 2019.

Meanwhile, Oliver's reign at number one continues for the seventh straight year with 537 born last year, compared to second placed William with 393.



New parents Stuart and Gabi Woodbridge welcomed beautiful new twins Olivia (first) and Grace (ninth) into the world last June.

"We wanted names that were respectable down the line and wouldn't have the mick taken out of them while they're at school," Mr Woodbridge said.

"My wife Gabi always wanted Grace no matter what. Rain, hail or shine. Whereas my pick, Olivia, took a bit of negotiation."

Olivia Harper Woodbridge and twin sister Grace Evelyn. Picture: Steve Pohlner
Olivia Harper Woodbridge and twin sister Grace Evelyn. Picture: Steve Pohlner

The list remains similar to last year but with new additions Matilda (tenth) taking Evelyn's spot while Theodore and Archer made way for Hudson (eighth) and Elijah (ninth).

The results aren't much of a surprise, according to Social Researcher Jeff Brailey at Mcrindle Research who outlined the three power influences swaying Queensland's naming process.



"The first is of course is the influence of the Royal family," with names like William, Charlotte, Isla and Mia all in the top ten," he said.

"The second being the botanic theme with a lot of organic names like Willow, Ivy and Violet becoming more and more popular.

"Lastly, you've got your place names, like Hudson, Adelaide and Florence."