Traffic, night, road, driving, car, generic
Traffic, night, road, driving, car, generic

‘Stay away from cars’: Motorist’s shocking DUI reading

A GLADSTONE dad admitted to having an alcohol problem after he blew nearly five times the legal alcohol limit during a roadside breath test.

Darren Raymond Hooker was ordered to stay off the road for 12 months after he pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Tuesday to driving under the influence of liquor, without a licence and failing to appear in court.

Hooker, 51 was intercepted by police on June 16 driving along Gladstone Benaraby Rd at Toolooa about 11.10am.

Hooker spoke to police and was required to provide a sample of his breath for an RBT.

He was transported to the Gladstone Police Station where he returned a reading of .234 per cent.

Hooker was also unlicensed and had been since 2013.

Hooker told police he had drunk four or five glasses of white wine before driving and two while he was driving.

Hooker was supposed to appear in court on July 16 for the driving matters but "forgot" and was arrested on a warrant.

The court was told Hooker forgot due to his issues with alcohol.

Magistrate Dennis Kinsella asked Hooker if he worked and if not, what he did with his time.

Hooker said he spent most of his time attending alcohol counselling.

"I recognised (alcohol) was a problem when I was 19," Hooker said.

"I have been to rehab about half a dozen times."

Mr Kinsella asked Hooker hoe he felt about losing his licence for 12 months.

"I made me bed, now I gotta lie in it," Hooker said.

Mr Kinsella said "it was probably better (Hooker) stayed away from cars".

Hooker was ordered to complete 18 months' probation and was disqualified from driving for 12 months.

A conviction was recorded.