Stepdad beat girl, 8, as she held electric fence, court hears

A QUEENSLAND farmer forced his eight-year-old stepdaughter to grasp an electrified fence as he beat her with a pipe, a court has been told.

The man allegedly began hitting the girl when she was in Year 3 or 4, hitting her on the bottom with poly pipe.

Now a woman, she told the court she was once dragged from bed by her hair in the middle of the night and zapped by a cattle prod in the stomach after she left a chicken out of its coop.

The 57-year-old man cannot be named for legal reasons.

He is facing hearings on whether he will stand trial for assault, torture, and rape charges against nine people, reports.

When she was 12 or 13, she said she was punched in the chest so hard that her body left a hole in a plaster wall.

She told the court she endured the abuse until she was 15, at which time her mother left the farmer.

The woman said Department of Child Safety once visited her home after she spoke to a police officer at her school, but nothing changed, so she stopped making complaints because she was "scared" about how her stepfather might react.

The hearings continue.