A woman was fined after police found her in posession of two stolen motorbikes. (Picture: File)
A woman was fined after police found her in posession of two stolen motorbikes. (Picture: File)

Stolen motorbikes sold in exchange for $200, mowing of lawn

A NANANGO woman has been fined after police found her in possession of two stolen motorbikes, drug utensils and a needle and syringe.

Elissa Marie Vickers faced Nanango Magistrates Court, pleading guilty to two charges of receiving tainted property, one charge of possessing drug utensils and one charge of failing to take reasonable care in respect to a needle or syringe.

On 30 April 2020, police executed a search warrant on a Redcliffe address, finding Vickers in possession of a glass pipe, syringes that had not correctly been disposed of, a ktm390 motorbike and Hyosung gt650 motorbike.

Police prosecutor Pepe Gangemi said the bikes had been stolen from another address.

“The defendant when spoken to said her partner had purchased them for $200 from a friend and he mowed that friends lawn,” Prosecutor Gangemi said.

“The bikes were at another address before the defendant paid $50 to have them moved to her address as the occupants of the previous address didn’t want them there anymore.

“She told police she wasn’t aware they were stolen, however $200 for two motorbikes and mowing a lawn speak for itself. It should be clear I am not suggesting she was the actual principle offender and more a side swipe as far as responsibility goes.”

Vickers’s duty lawyer Jay Rose said although she is pleading guilty the boyfriend was probably the primary offender.

“She has recently moved to this area, broken up with her boyfriend who was in prison and been sober for three months to try and get away from that lifestyle,” Ms Rose said.

“She is 37, has secured employment at Swickers, has no previous history for receiving tainted property, however does have history for not taking reasonable care or precaution in respect to a needle or syringe.

“She also has a daughter, aged 15, so my submissions would be in the range of a fine.”

Magistrate Andrew Sinclair said he took into account the early plea.

“I will be giving you one fine that applies to all charges and reflects the fact that you are not the thief of the bikes nor the person who was the receiver you were simply someone who took them into your custody.”

Vickers was fined $500, ordered to forfeit all the seized items and a conviction was recorded for the drug offences.