STONE FRUIT SEASON: Tony Dugdell is proud of the fruit produced this season.
STONE FRUIT SEASON: Tony Dugdell is proud of the fruit produced this season. Claudia Williams

Stone fruit growers enjoy success despite tough conditions

FOR many, sinking their teeth into their favourite stone fruit is synonymous with the start of warmer weather and the lead-up to summer.

Australians across the country will enjoy produce from Kumbia again this season after growers Tony Dugdell and Shane Francis launched their honey may yellow nectarines and snow angel white peaches at the Brisbane Markets with Divine Fruits.

While it is the busiest time of year for Tony Dugdell he said it was satisfying to showcase the finished product after a great year for stone fruit.

"The response was really good and because of how dry the season has been, the fruit has seen a lot of sun and it is a good season for us at this point of time," Mr Dugdell said.

"It is a really good feeling being able to see the fruit in the box and know we produced that.

"For our stone fruit, it is a yearly job - look after trees all year and you get one chance to get it right and it's a good feeling at the end to know you got it."

It is a year since the orchards were devastated by hail and Mr Dugdell said while they were still facing challenges, the trees had recovered well.

"We are still recovering and before that we were still recovering from Boxing Day 2017, but touch wood we can get through this stone fruit season unscathed and we are very fortunate we have enough water but we know people who are knocking trees about because they don't have enough water," he said.

"The last two years the trees have been through hail storms, drought and dust storms.

"Considering what they have been through they are holding in at this point of time."