‘Stop him’: Woman screams as drunk driver mounts kerb


A drunk driver has evaded police after a "horrific" incident outside Coles supermarket in Ascot just after 6pm on Friday night.

Alarmed locals reported the man to Hendra Police after trying to stop him getting behind the wheel of his late-model black Audi S3 sedan parked in Dobson Street.

The stocky, middle-aged caucasian man, who was too intoxicated to walk, slurred obscenities at concerned shoppers who followed him out of the supermarket, including one young man who helped him down the stairs and on to the footpath.

Man who allegedly drove while drunk
Man who allegedly drove while drunk

To the disbelief of onlookers, the drunk man then staggered across the street, clearly disorientated, fumbled for his keys, then flopped into the driver's seat of his car, outside the National Australia Bank.

"Stop him driving," one elderly woman shouted, as another shaken witness called police.

A young man offered to drive the man home but was repeatedly told to "f… off" before the man drove off onto busy Racecourse Road.

His car was seen mounting the kerb before heading south towards Kingsford Smith Drive.

The Coles checkout operator who earlier served the drunk man said: "I've never seen anything like it. It took him about 25 minutes to pay because he couldn't punch in the numbers on the keypad."

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A female onlooker, who said the man had abused her in the supermarket, described the incident as "horrific".

"There are people out walking their dogs and parents with small children and prams - how can anyone be so selfish as to endanger their lives?" she said.

Police confirmed a second report had been received, from about 3km away, and crews were immediately dispatched.

A Queensland Police spokesperson said although the crews searched different locations they were "unfortunately unable to locate the man or his vehicle". 

Originally published as 'Stop him': Woman screams as drunk driver mounts kerb in swanky Brisbane suburb