BOXING DAY BLITZ: The storm ripped an aircraft out of its hanger on a property near Kumbia.
BOXING DAY BLITZ: The storm ripped an aircraft out of its hanger on a property near Kumbia. Heath Pukallus

Storm to cost $10,000,000 to repair

THE estimated damage cost of the Boxing Day storm, which is not officially a disaster, is $10,000,000.

Burnett Inland Economic Development Organisation CEO Kristy Frahm said 89 property owners responded to a survey run by the organisation. 

"Respondents are located from the Stonelands and Hivesville districts in the northern part of the region, through the Cushnie, Fairdale, Mt McEuen districts to the Inverlaw, Kumbia, Haly Creek areas in the south and more districts in between," Mrs Frahm said.

"By the addresses provided, it is apparent the vast majority of the 89 surveys submitted are located in rural areas of the South Burnett."

Mrs Frahm said the results of the survey data were for loss and damage of private property only and did not take into consideration public infrastructure.

Mayor Keith Campbell said the reason why $10,000,000 worth of damage was not considered a disaster was because to trigger the NDRRA disaster declaration there had to be greater than $400,000 worth of damage to public assets.

"The principal damage is contained to individual properties, farms, private dwellings, crops and other on farm assets," Cr Campbell said.

"Council is co-ordinating a recovery plan for the South Burnett in response to this severe weather event whereby a network of support agencies is being developed to provide support in various ways.

"The details of the various agencies will be advertised within the next (few) days."

Mrs Frahm said she appreciated the efforts of landholders to provide information on the damage.

"It is safe to say the response has been overwhelming and the number of surveys received has far exceeded our initial expectations," she said.

"We extend our thoughts and best wishes to landholders impacted by the recent severe weather events during this very challenging time."