HOARDER: There are many South Burnett residents living in a cluttered house.
HOARDER: There are many South Burnett residents living in a cluttered house.

Strong links between hoarding and depression

IMAGINE living in a house with so much clutter you couldn't access your kitchen to make meals or even sleep in your own bed.

According to peer support coordinator with Lutheran services, Liz Guaresi, that is exactly what many South Burnett residents face everyday.

"They have an issue with sorting things and making decisions and being organised,” she said.

"This leads to cluttering problems.”

Everyday items such as ice cream containers, plastic milk bottles and cake containers can be found spread out throughout the house of a hoarder.

Ms Guaresi said there were strong links between hoarding and anxiety and depression.

"It has definitely been proven. That goes without saying,” she said.

"When you are living with depression life is really hard.

"So you are looking for little moments that are going to lift your spirits.”

She said being a hoarder can become a very shameful and lonely life.

"They don't invite people to their house,” she said.

"They isolate themselves.

"Quite often they wont go out into the community, they will sit at home.”

Ms Guaresi said people with hoarding issues hold on to things regardless of whether they need them or not.

"They acquire items because they have been given them or they pick them up from the second-hand store,” she said.

"It actually makes them feel good, but then they bring it home and realise they have no where to put them.

"But that item now has an emotional attachment.”

Ms Guaresi offered some valuable questions hoarders could ask themselves before they acquire more items and take them home.

"Do I already own something similar?”

"Will I actually use this item?”

"Do I have a specific place for this?”

"In a week will I regret getting this?”

Ms Guaresi is hosting a series of decluttering workshops over the next ten weeks.

The decluttering workshop was created out of necessity for the region.

"I realise there is no assistance here in the South Burnett,” she said.

Commencing Thursday May 16, sessions will be held at the Hub at Orana Lutheran Services, MacDiarmid St Kingaroy.

The free workshops will run from 9.30am to 11.30am.

For more information contact Liz Guaresi on 0437 716 688.