Kingsley Ware with his student Sam Perrett using the 3D Printer. Photo: St Mary's
Kingsley Ware with his student Sam Perrett using the 3D Printer. Photo: St Mary's

Student uses YouTube to teach himself new design skills

AN INNOVATIVE St Mary’s student has been using his free time throughout isolation to teach himself how to use software to design products for the school’s new 3D printer, through watching YouTube videos online.

St Mary’s teacher Kingsley Ware said his students in year 9 and 10 Engineering and Wood have been familiarising themselves with a Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) program called Tinkercad during their coronavirus isolation.

“This is so they can draw models that the printer (the school’s new 3D Printer) can read and make,” Mr Ware said.

“We have done a couple of test runs but nothing more than that.

“Test runs revealed a few teething problems but we are working through these and getting things sorted.

“Stem and Senior Graphics students will also have access to these machines.”


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Year 9 student Sam Perret said he has been busy using Tinkercad in his metal work class.

“Tinkercad is an online interactive 3D designing program,” he said.

“As I learnt how to use tinkercad through countless YouTube tutorials I became intrigued by the idea of designing a fishing lure.

“I designed a lure because I was curious if I could catch anything with it in my dam at home then realised that was easier said than done.

“When I first got to terms with how to use Tinkercad the first thing I designed was a simple car.”

After designing his car, Sam said he wanted to make something that could actually be used.

“My plans for after it is printed is to paint it with acrylic paint, attach hooks, and get it in the water,” he said.

“I thoroughly enjoyed designing this lure just because your can let your imagination take over and go for what ever comes to mind.

“Thanks to Tinkercad I have learnt how to turn ideas into reality.

“I think it is just so cool that, from a computer screen something can be created as a three-dimensional shape.”

Sam said he thought eventually being a designer for a living would be amazing.

“I would love to eventually have the skills to design and then make something with my hands,” he said.

“When I leave school, I am interested in joining the defence force and becoming a drone technician/pilot.

“What I would love to design next is different types of fishing lures to try and catch different fish.”