HELP AT HAND: Child care subsidies are available, dependent on your family income.
HELP AT HAND: Child care subsidies are available, dependent on your family income. Matt Collins

Subsidy support for parents in need

IF YOU have a child 13 years or younger that is enrolled in an approved child care service, you may be eligible to apply for a Child Care Subsidy package.

That is, if you require child care assistance because of more than eight hours of activities per fortnight, including work, volunteering, study or training.

For some context on this subsidy package, it replaced both the Child Care Benefit and Rebate from early 2018.

If you are looking to apply for the subsidy, the provided rates come down to the combined income of your family.

There are many different subsidy rates based on different financial brackets that your family fits into.

According to the Australian Government's Department of Education, families that only earn up to $66,958 are eligible to receive an 85 per cent subsidy rate.

The next financial bracket goes up to $171,958 and will gradually reduce to a 50 per cent subsidy rate.

According to Centrelink, until you earn more than $186,958, there is no annual cap on your subsidy.

Afterwards, you will be capped accordingly.

The middle bracket goes up to $251,248, which then equals an actual 50 per cent rate.

The rate will gradually reduce until your family fits into the $341,248 to $351,248 bracket, where you will be eligible for a 20 per cent rate.

If your family earns more than $351,248, you are not eligible for these payments.

When referring to an approved child care service, this will include a centre-based day care, family day care, outside school hours care and in-home care.

There are also residency rules that you must comply with, such as having an Australian citizenship, or holding a permanent, special category or temporary visa.

If you don't necessarily fit into all of these categories, but are still facing hardship, contact Centrelink to explore your other financial support options.