Tully Smyth prepares for eviction.
Tully Smyth prepares for eviction. Paul Broben

Sugar Sisters saved as viewer support runs out for Tully

AUSTRALIA loves a bit of sugar, with viewers overwhelmingly voting to save Big Brother's Sugar Sisters.

The sisters, who dress like twins, received 49 percent of the vote in tonight's eviction, which saw controversial social media strategist Tully Smyth booted out of the house.

The 25-year-old received just 17 percent of the public vote.

Tully, centre, with
Tully, centre, with "Sugar Sisters" Katie and Lucy and Tahan. Paul Broben

"I'm glad I went out convincingly," she said to host Sonia Kruger. 

Smyth is the most talked about housemate on social media so far in the series, largely due to her affectionate relationship with Drew which many have interpreted as cheating on her girlfriend Tahlia, who has been noticeably absent from the past few nominations.

Fans and media interpreted one of Tahlia's tweets in particular as a dumping of Smyth, who of course until now has been unaware of the dramas happening in the outside world.


When Kruger quizzed her, Smyth said those close to her would know not to read too  much into her and Drew's kisses and constant "I love you's".

"Everything in that house seems exacerbated... and strong than it actually is," she said.

"Hopefully the people who know and love me know I'm a super affectionate person. I'm always sitting on people's laps and kissing people on the lips... I crave affection and kisses and cuddles."

Tully says goodbye to Drew.
Tully says goodbye to Drew. Paul Broben

Despite her housemates raising concerns, Smyth made no apologies for her close "friendship" with Drew.

"He made my time in the house what it was," she said.

"I wasn't about to cut my friendship with Drew to make everyone else happy."

Smyth, known for regularly bursting into tears, held it together through her eviction and interview.

Kruger then revealed Bert and Patti Newton's birthday surprise for Ben and a teaser of the bearded intruders set to enter the house tomorrow.

"They're going to hate them," Smyth said.

"They're waiting for two beautiful girls."


Eviction voting results

Tully - 17 percent

Tahan - 34 percent

Katie & Lucy - 49 percent