SunPork Fresh Foods have been testing out their bacon spit roasted pig for BaconFest 2019.
SunPork Fresh Foods have been testing out their bacon spit roasted pig for BaconFest 2019.

SunPork to deck out BaconFest 2019

AS THE major supporting partner of BaconFest, SunPork Fresh Foods are preparing for a show stopping performance at this year's festival.

Rhys Collins, the executive general manager of the company said visitors will have a lot to expect.

"We've invested a lot of money into our two sites to make the day special, one being the Swig and Swine Deck and the other being a SunPork Food Truck,” he said.

At the Swig and Swine Deck, Mr Collins said visitors can come inside to get a glass of local wine from their partner at Kingsley Grove, as well as ciders and beers.

For the 'Swine' part of the clever name, they'll be showcasing a 40kg bacon cured spit roasted pig at the centre of the deck.

"People can view the roast while it's cooking on the coals, then we'll shave it all up for people to purchase,” Mr Collins said.

They'll be selling shredded portions of the bacon cured pig with gourmet breads, relishes and cheeses.

"It's one of the first bacon spit roasted pigs, and it's definitely a first for BaconFest,” Mr Collins said.

The SunPork team are going to toss a sticky, sweet maple glaze through the pig, and Mr Collins believes it'll be a very tasty treat for people to sample.

"We're aiming for a nice grassy breakout area, where people can sit on some cushions, drink some wine and relax,” he said.

At the other end of the festival, they will also be hosting a SunPork Food Truck which they're calling the Pork Pit.

Here, Mr Collins said they're selling a lot more of the products they produce, including a shredded barbecue pork product, which they'll celebrate with bacon and potato gems.

Some loaded potato gem options include bacon and pulled pork potato gems, as well as bacon and cheese potato gems.

However, the Pork Pit's main feature will be a seven-tier chocolate fountain, where people can grab a stick of crispy fried bacon and smother it in delicious liquid chocolate.

"We're also going to have a sprinkle station for this, just like at an ice cream parlour,” Mr Collins said.

Mr Collins said these ideas are a good opportunity to display bacon in different ways, as well as showcasing the Australian pork industry in general.

"People don't realise how much of the bacon and pork they buy from grocery stores is imported,” he said.

"Events like this are a really good opportunity for us to support the community and help people recognise the importance of buying Australian produce.”