TRUE BELIEVERS: Ali Zengin and Doris Chambers are unashamed Subaru fans.
TRUE BELIEVERS: Ali Zengin and Doris Chambers are unashamed Subaru fans. Renee Albrecht

Doris proud owner of 7th Subaru and Gympie's first Levorg

DORIS Chambers will not be tearing down the road at high speed like the somewhat hoonish "Little Old Lady From Pasadena" in the old Beach Boys song.

But she has the hardware for it if she chooses to.

Yesterday she became the proud owner of her seventh consecutive Subaru.

Doris, 92, no longer drives, even if her super intelligent new Subaru Levorg is almost capable of doing it for her.

"No problem," say friends and neighbours, who are already offering to drive Doris anywhere she wants to go.

It is a privilege that will mostly fall to Miss Chambers' carer Roma Ravn and next door neighbour Frank O'Neil.

Action Auto sales representative (and fellow Subaru fan) Ali Zengin made the most of his turn, delivering the shiny new vehicle to the Chambers' household at Tin Can Bay.

"It's the first Levorg we've sold in Gympie," he said.

And that called for some sort of celebration.

Mr Zengin brought with him a bunch of wild flowers, including geraldton wax, from Doris's home state of Western Australia.

A sort of luxury sports limousine, the new Levorg marque has all the gizmo technology needed to inspire envy in most driving enthusiasts, including a two-litre turbo charged Boxer power plant, adaptive cruise control which slows down for obstacles and speeds up again when you get past them and that device that tells you to get back in your lane if you stray. Miss Chambers' earlier Subarus were all Foresters, but she found she had trouble climbing up into the higher vehicles.

"Then she found she had trouble standing on the stool to get in and realised it was time for a lower car," Roma explained.

Doris comes from Gnowangerup, south-east of Perth. "All the towns ending in 'up' are near water," she explained. She still lives near the water, though now on the other side of Australia. Some things never change, like her fondness for those white Subaru vehicles.