NEUTRAL: Queensland Raceway CEO John Tetley believes Supercars will continue to race at Queensland Raceway.
NEUTRAL: Queensland Raceway CEO John Tetley believes Supercars will continue to race at Queensland Raceway. Franca Tigani

Supercars event a 'disruption' to Queensland Raceway: CEO

THE boss of Queensland Raceway claims he is unaware what safety upgrades must be completed at the circuit if Supercars is to return in the future.

With the Ipswich City Council closing its motorsport park company and withdrawing from a plan to purchase the lease of the raceway, a cloud is again over future Supercars events.

The 10-year deal with Supercars is subject to safety upgrades at the circuit.

Speaking candidly, raceway chief John Tetley said he was unsure what upgrades were required.

"We have not as yet seen any definition of what those upgrades will be," he said.

Mr Tetley would not comment on the future of a $220 million proposed circuit facility upgrade, or who would fund improvements to on-track safety.

"As a tenant, it's not fair for me to pay," he said.

Mr Tetley said discussions about safety was between the Ipswich City Council and Confederation of Australian Motorsport, a frustrating process that he claims to be excluded from.

"The track has met the requirements previously, but they keep moving the goalposts," he said.

"People keep changing what is the safety requirement.

"The track has a very good record for safety - one death in 18 years in a car and that didn't occur in a race."

In 2013 Sean Edwards was killed when the car he was a passenger in crashed and burst into flames at the final corner.

A Coroner's report found the crash was caused due to a "total mechanical failure of the brakes".

It also found the safety features of the gravel trap and tyre barrier "were not designed to prevent serious injury or death in the event of total brake failure".

When asked if he was concerned Supercars would pull out of holding future events at the circuit, Mr Tetley replied; "not at all".

"I have no knowledge why they wouldn't come," he said.

"They are a disruption to our general business."

When pressed on his feelings toward hosting the annual Supercars' event, he was coy.

"I think I'm pretty neutral on that, to be honest," he said.

Supercars are scheduled to race at Queensland Raceway on July 20 to 22.