UPDATE: Dramatic dashcam footage has emerged of a man's attempt to flee police custody on the Toowoomba Range this morning.

The 29-year-old man was one of six people being transferred to Brisbane in a police prison van when he fled the vehicle on the eastern lanes of the Warrego Highway shortly before 8.30am.

Acting Inspector Jason Hopgood said the prisoner had been violently kicking the door of the van for some time, prompting police to stop and assess the situation.

"As they stopped the vehicle, the male person…. Was able to get out of the vehicle and escape police," he said.

The footage shows the man, wearing a prison-issue brown shirt, run from police pass vehicles travelling the range.

The man managed to escape into nearby bushland where he evaded officers for about two hours, and approached several people in the escarpment area.

He continued to evade officers despite a heavy police presence and cordons in the area before he was found inside a woman's home on East St.

Two schools in the area were put into lockdown for about 15 minutes with no risk to students or staff, Acting Inspector Hopgood said.

"Police went into a house in East St, disturbed the male person who evaded police by going through a window and he was apprehended in the back yard of that dwelling," he said.

Escapee recaptured: Acting Inspector Jason Hopgood discusses the events surrounding a prisoner escaping from a van on the Toowoomba Range.
Escapee recaptured: Acting Inspector Jason Hopgood discusses the events surrounding a prisoner escaping from a van on the Toowoomba Range.

The offender suffered a bite wound to his hand during the arrest which involved the Toowoomba Dog Squad.

Police will conduct an internal review of security systems of prisoner transports in the wake of the incident.

"We will be looking at what took place and what we can do in terms of our procedures to ensure it doesn't happen again," Acting Inspector Hopgood said.

"We deployed as many resources as were available and also areas in the Lockyer Valley to assist us to make sure we could lock down the location.

"It's not something we want to ever happen again so we will review all our procedures and what can be done to make sure it doesn't happen again."

The man is expected to be charged this afternoon with a string of offences including escape lawful custody and property-related offences.

INITIAL: A PERSON of interest to police has been taken into custody in East Toowoomba this morning.

Parts of the area were in lockdown as police swarmed on the person, believed to be a man wanted by authorities.

Police roadblocks were set up at various points along East St on the Toowoomba escarpment.

The man is believed to have been arrested near Holly St with the help of the Toowoomba Dog Squad.

Some roadblocks remain in place as Scenes of Crime officers investigate.

Stuart McGavin shot this footage during his drive on the Toowoomba Range this morning.