Suspected serial rapist arrested after DNA link

POLICE have launched a major investigation into the cold case rapes of up to 20 Sydney women dating back nearly 30 years ago after a DNA hit linked a man to at least four sex assaults.

The 53-year-old tow-truck driver was arrested at his northern suburbs home at Epping just after 7am this morning.

His arrest follows investigations launched into historic sex assaults in the Ryde area by a special strike force, named Petit.

An initial review of a number offences â€" which were previously linked by similarities in the offenders modus operandi â€" revealed DNA links between four incidents over a 18 year period from 1989 and 2007.

Police are now looking at another possible 20 attacks in the area from the 1980s to now.

Shortly after the arrest, a further two search warrants were executed at properties at Ryde and Berrilee.

All of the search warrants are still underway, and inquiries are continuing.

The Child Abuse and Sex Crimes Squad is comprised of detectives who are specially trained to investigate matters against children and adults, including sexual assault, serious physical abuse, and extreme cases of neglect.