FLYING: Focus on speed and the stroke.
FLYING: Focus on speed and the stroke. Claudia Williams

Swimmers dive into new season

SWIMMING: Kingaroy swimmer Stephanie Coyne enjoyed participating in the South Burnett Swimming Challenge on Saturday and is looking forward to the upcoming season.

"It's cold but good to be back in the pool,” she said.

"My favourite bit about swimming is that you get to compete against other people and have fun.

"Breaststroke is my favourite because of the gliding and it is probably the easiest.

"I'm trying for a PB and will get there by more training and swimming a bit faster.”

Rain didn't deter swimmers from making a splash in the challenge at Kingaroy.

Kingaroy Swimming Club president and Wide Bay swimming committee member Krysty Connelly said the club was excited to start the season with the club challenge.

"It is about the swimmers improving their times, not on where they place,” she said.

"The club challenge has been developed by the Wide Bay Swimming Association and Sunshine Coast have one at Caloundra and Burnett Fraser are at Maryborough.”

There was a monetary incentive for the clubs, with $400 for the club that placed first and $200 awarded to the club that came second over the three venues.

Kilkivan Stingray Swimming Club took out first place, with their swimmers achieving the most personal bests.

Tobi Geri from Kilkivan trains twice a week and said her favourite part of training was the warm-down.

"I like that it is an easy sort of sport and you can compete but you can just do it for fun if you want to,” she said.

"I like backstroke because it is probably my most confident stroke and I like the feeling when I glide through the water.

"When I am warming up of a morning I count the strokes from the flags and then if I do hit the wall I just try and recover quickly.”

Connelly said it hadn't been the best start with the weather but the club was committed to helping swimmers reach their goals.

"We are trying to improve our membership across the board but also we have got kids that are recreational swimmers through to kids that are state swimmers so we want to provide opportunities for them throughout the season to improve and achieve their goals,” she said.