SAFETY: Nanango police remind drivers to be safe on our roads.
SAFETY: Nanango police remind drivers to be safe on our roads. FILE

Take responsibility on the roads: police

NANANGO police remind drivers they have a responsibility when they travel on the road.

Police officers remind the public to be aware of their licence and vehicle registration expiry dates, especially if they have moved residence.

When driving any vehicle, it is the driver's responsibility to make sure the vehicle is registered and roadworthy.

"Travelling on the roads could be the most dangerous thing you and your loved ones do, unfortunately, family and friends are lost every year,” a police spokesperson said.

An overwhelming majority of accidents can be attributed to human error, made by normal people.

Drivers are encouraged to conduct pre-travel vehicle maintenance, especially when it involves towing vehicles less frequently used like caravans, trailers and boats.

Drivers should check the tyres, bearings, electrical and hitches are up to the task.

Nanango police encourage drivers to concentrate on driving and minimise distractions, being able to identify problems and respond in time could make a huge difference in the driver's safety.

Police will continue to prioritise the enforcement of the fatal five, including speed, impaired driving, seat belts, fatigue and inattention, as these behaviours contribute to most fatal and injury crashes on the roads.

"Police believe that together, we can all do our part to reduce the road toll,” they said.

Drivers should be patient and courteous to other road users, and if the road is flooded, drivers should find an alternative route.