Stanwell Tarong Power Station is making changes to stay competitive in the energy market.
Stanwell Tarong Power Station is making changes to stay competitive in the energy market. Katherine Morris

Tarong increases permanent workforce

STANWELL has made changes to its staffing at the Tarong/Meandu site.

It has increased its permanent workforce by 16 and these new employees are a mix of mechanical trades and electricians.

The new staff will replace roles previously filled by contractors from UGL and the increase in staff numbers is a direct result of the decision by Stanwell to bring these roles in-house.

Site manager at the Tarong power stations, Greg McIntyre said the new employees were either already on board or were about to start on site working in the maintenance and management of the sites' coal mills and cooling water systems.

"The decision to bring in-house, work that was previously being performed by contractors will deliver a one site, streamlined approach, adding value to our business. It shows a commitment to providing jobs for our local community,” Mr McIntyre said.

"The employees impacted were provided with the opportunity to apply for the new positions being recruited by Stanwell.”

UGL has advised that due to the reduction in its scope of work, 10 permanent roles were identified as no longer being required.

A spokesman from the Electrical Trade Union said transitioning from contractors to permanent staff was an industry trend.

"That's standard business. At least one of our members has lost their job and that's unfortunate, but that is the nature of contracting,” the spokesman said.

"These are legacy issues. Under the Newman government it was, 'get everyone out of permanent work and put contractors in'.

"Slowly since then all the of the jobs been assessed and if there is work that it done for more than 12 months or more by a contractor permanently then the work should become in-house.”

While an ETU member has lost their job, the union said, broadly speaking, it encouraged permanent employees over contractors.

"The reliance on contractors has to come to an end,” the spokesman said.