'My name is Tarzan': Man's hairy night out in Gladstone

MY name's Tarzan, Blake Madgwick told police when they asked the drunken lad his name.

The Gladstone officers met Tarzan of the jungle when called to a street disturbance at 2am on May 4 with two men fighting.

Prosecutor Sgt Barry Stevens told Gladstone Magistrates Court that Madgwick was at the scene and officers saw him "rolling around" on the ground.

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The other man was in the front yard of a house.

"Both males were intoxicated and smelt strongly of liquor," he said.

"He was swaying on his feet and both refused to tell police their names or what happened.

He continued refusing to give his name, saying it was Tarzan."

Sgt Stevens said Madgwick failed to leave the area and behaved belligerently before saying his name was Blake.

When police tried to get him off the road, Madgwick began to walk away, Sgt Stevens saying he resisted officers by "swinging his arms" and flailing around.

Arrested and handcuffed Madgwick was abusive toward officers. Madgwick, 24, pleaded guilty to obstructing police in a public street while adversely affected by an intoxicating substance; and contravening a police requirement.

Magistrate Richard Lehmann ordered him to complete 43 hours of unpaid community service work, a conviction not recorded.