A man who beat his partner managed to avoid more jail time and deportation threat.
A man who beat his partner managed to avoid more jail time and deportation threat. Thinkstock

Taste of blood in mouth after assault

IT was only when she apologised that he stopped beating her.

Biar Kuch Chol, 27, was sentenced on Friday for a domestic assault on a woman but avoided a jail term that could have put him at risk of deportation.

Chol previously attracted police attention after allegedly hitting a female relative. And in 2012 he appeared in an Ipswich court after attacking a police car.

The assault on the woman happened on March 7 in Darra.

Judge Anthony Rafter told Brisbane District Court that Chol and the woman had a disagreement that escalated.

Chol grabbed the woman's hair and "slapped her hard on the face and mouth" causing her to fall to the floor.

The woman, in her 20s, tasted her own blood.

"She apologised to you and it was only then that you stopped slapping her," Judge Rafter added.

The woman had bruising on places including her hip.

"This is a serious offence committed upon a woman," the judge added.

Chol, originally from Ethiopia, moved to Australia as a refugee about 10 years ago.

His dad was killed in Sudan.

The court heard Chol would have his permanent resident visa revoked if he was jailed for more than one year.

"The relevant provision of the Migration Act ... provides that you would not pass the character test if you were sentenced to 12 months in prison or more."

For assaulting the woman, Chol had already served 171 days in custody.

Chol had a limited criminal history, the court heard.

Apart from the police car incident, he appeared in Southport Magistrates Court in 2013 for contravening police direction after drinking liquor on a road.

He was also accused of assaulting or obstructing a police officer in Ipswich last year.

Convictions were not recorded on previous occasions, Judge Rafter said.

Chol was given 10 months jail and released on parole immediately. - NewsRegional