MEDICINAL USE: Kirk he put his home-grown marijuana in tea and fruit cake.
MEDICINAL USE: Kirk he put his home-grown marijuana in tea and fruit cake. Rockhampton Morning Bulletin

Tea, cake and dope

BREWING marijuana in tea and baking it in a fruit cake might have seemed like a better idea than smoking the drug but it still cost a Mondure man dearly.

Martin John Kirk, 60, pleaded guilty in Murgon Magistrates Court on Tuesday to producing and supplying dangerous drugs and was fined $1100.

Police Prosecutor Sergeant Wayne Bushell said officers searched Kirk's home on May 9 and found the stem and root of a recently harvested marijuana plant.

"Police located buds at various stages of drying, some were fresh as well," he said.

"The cannabis was located in large plastic containers. He admitted it was cannabis he had grown and harvested."

Sgt Bushell said Kirk's supply charge stemmed from giving a bag of marijuana to a friend.

Kirk, who injured his rotator cuff through his job selling and installing signs, said he experimented with the drug for medicinal purposes.

"My mother died of getting pills from the chemist - they're legal, that's why I grew a plant," he said.

"I was reading the papers and it was going 'they're starting trials' so I thought to myself 'well I've designed things all my life, there's a hole'.

"And I thought I'll get in and make some tea up because someone told me to put in turmeric and ginger and it didn't work.

"You smoke it, it doesn't work."

Magistrate Simon Young acknowledged Kirk was not growing the drug to sell but said the courts had no time for producing and supplying.

"I was having a conversation with Queensland's chief medical officer about this issue and he was adamant that he has not seen any medical evidence, at all, anywhere, that actually justifies medical intervention with marijuana," he said.

"That's the chief medical officer's opinion, which is interesting."

Kirk said he was always against "dealing dope" and the raid and court process taught him a lesson. "I've got no intention of ever doing this again," he said.