Tiona Rodriguez
Tiona Rodriguez Source: Facebook

Teen busted in Victoria's Secret carrying dead baby

A SUSPECTED teen shoplifter was busted Thursday after she was found to be carrying a dead fetus in a plastic bag while swiping lingerie at a midtown Victoria's Secret, cops said.

The horrifying discovery at the Herald Square store occurred after a security guard spotted the 17-year-old girl and a pal snatching sexy undergarments off the rack and called police.

Officers responded to what seemed like a routine property crime. But as they corralled the two girls, store security guards noted a strong odor and made the gruesome find.

One of the teens, Tiona Rodriguez, told police she suffered a miscarriage the day before. Rodriguez, already the mother of a young, healthy son, was taken to Bellevue Hospital.

A police source said she was at least 61/2 months pregnant when she went into labor. But another source said Rodriguez was "nearly full-term."

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