Roy-annah Henry demanded a stranger, who was parked in the Kingaroy Shoppingworld carpark, drive her to Brisbane.
Roy-annah Henry demanded a stranger, who was parked in the Kingaroy Shoppingworld carpark, drive her to Brisbane. Jessica McGrath

Teen demands to be driven before reversing stranger's car

A TEENAGER opened a stranger's car door and demanded to be driven to Brisbane before getting into another vehicle and attempting to drive away.

Roy-annah Henry pleaded guilty to four charges in Kingaroy Magistrates Court on Monday.

Police prosecutor Pepe Gangemi said the 18-year-old woman had unlawfully entered a stranger's car parked in a Kingaroy shopping centre carpark at 8.15am on Friday, May 10.

The defendant had opened the front passenger door, climbed into the vehicle and demanded the male driver took her to Brisbane.

"He refused and she was told to get out of the vehicle, she refused to exit and had to be forcibly removed from the vehicle by the driver," Sgt Gangemi said.

The court heard a woman then parked her Mazda nearby and left her vehicle for less than a minute with the keys in the ignition.

"When she returned, the defendant was seated in the driver's seat. The defendant put the vehicle into reverse," Sgt Gangemi said.

Sgt Gangemi said the female victim then jumped into the reversing vehicle.

"She's basically kneeling on top of the defendant to activate the handbrake to stop the vehicle from being taken," he said.

The court heard the driver then tried to pull Henry from the vehicle and called for assistance from those passing by.

Henry then used a closed fist and threw several punches towards the woman's face.

She moved her head to avoid the punches, but the female victim was kicked several times in the legs.

The female victim then walked away to remove herself from the situation.

Henry, who has never held a driver's licence, then went and sat on a bench where police officers subsequently found her.

"These are not low-end offending, this is significant in that she attempted first to obtain a car from a complete stranger and then has taken another car and perpetrated an assault on the owner of that motor vehicle when that plan was halted," Sgt Gangemi said.

Defence lawyer Chris Campbell said Henry had already spent three days in the watch-house.

He said it was highly inappropriate offending and she was perhaps stressed and wanted to see her friend.

"Her reason for offending was she was simply strung out and wanted to get back to Brisbane," he said.

Magistrate Louisa Pink said she did not accept this reason.

"You will not simply decide that you will use whatever means you can to do what you want, it is simply not acceptable," Ms Pink said.

The magistrate said she did not understand why Henry had committed the offences.

"He tells me you've got no issues with drugs and alcohol which leaves me very puzzled as to why a young woman would do these sorts of things out of the blue, why you committed these offences," Ms Pink said.

The teenager pleaded guilty to driving a motor vehicle without holding a licence, the unlawful entry of a motor vehicle, the unlawful use of a motor vehicle and common assault.

Henry was placed on probation for nine months due to the unusual nature of the offending.

She will be unable to obtain a driver's licence for the next three months.

No convictions were recorded.

"You mustn't muck up," Ms Pink said.

"You are young, if you want to work you can still get the benefit without convictions recorded against you."