Neal Patel

Teen jailed for home invasion - but he shouldn't have been

BUT for a failure to comply with court orders, a Toowoomba teenager who pleaded guilty to his role in a home invasion might not be in jail at the moment.

Bailey James Harris, 18, pleaded guilty to being with two other people who barged into a Newtown home on the night of April 9, last year, and assaulted the man and woman occupants.

Toowoomba District Court heard Harris's cousin Shaianne Bree Harris, 27, was having a dispute with the woman occupant and had initiated the event.

Her friend Gregory Phillip Lance, 32, and Bailey Harris had accompanied her to the home where Shaianne Harris first struck the woman before Lance assaulted the male occupant.

Bailey Harris was a party to the home invasion and had also struck the man twice and assisted in the assault of the woman, his cousin, the court heard.

He pleaded guilty to his role in the home invasion.

His barrister Steve Kissick submitted his client was 17 at the time with no previous convictions and wouldn't ordinarily be facing a term of actual imprisonment.

However, because his client had failed to comply with his bail obligations and report to police as directed he had eventually been sentenced to six months in jail but released on parole.

He had since breached that parole which had been cancelled and his client now found himself serving time behind bars with a full-time release date of November 4 unless the Parole Board saw fit to release him sooner, he said.

Shaianne Harris had received an 18-month jail sentence and Lance a 30-month term after each pleaded guilty to the home invasion at an earlier court appearance.

Taking into account the time he was serving, Judge Alexander Horneman-Wren SC sentenced Harris to three months in jail but ordered he be eligible to apply for parole immediately though it would remain up to the Parole Board when he would be released from jail.