Lee Quinn Johnson, 18, faced the Kingaroy Magistrate on July 1 for drug possession and stealing charges.
Lee Quinn Johnson, 18, faced the Kingaroy Magistrate on July 1 for drug possession and stealing charges. Facebook

Teen trying to get his life back on track after $15 mistake

A STRING of petty theft and minor drug charges is edging an 18-year-old closer and closer to jail time.

Just two months after being placed on a suspended sentence, Lee Graham Quinn-Johnson has offended again.

Quinn-Johnson faced the Kingaroy magistrate on five charges including possessing scissors used to cut marijuana, two counts of marijuana possession, a charge of receiving a football stolen from Taabinga State School and a charge of stealing $15 worth of goods from Wayne's World.

Police prosecutor Pepe Gangemi told the court Quinn-Johnson was already on a suspended sentence.

"It's taken him two months since being placed on the suspended sentence to further his drug offending.

"It's a bit hard to comprehend how Mr Quinn-Johnson continues to carry illicit substances and stolen property when he knows police are going to approach him and conduct searches," Sgt Gangemi said.

"Yet, it's staggering to consider that this has not curbed his offending, nor has the suspended sentence."

Defence lawyer Chris Campbell said his 18-year-old client was trying to get his life back on track.

"He's currently living with his sister and no longer couch-surfing.

"He told me that his methamphetamine use has significantly subsided to once a fortnight.

"He was found with a very small amount of marijuana - one seed. And the stealing and receiving, well, that's just plain stupidity," he said.

Magistrate Louisa Pink said Quinn-Johnson's offending was on the lower end of the scale.

"The problem for you, is that you came before the court on similar charges of stealing and possessing drugs and utensils in February and suspended sentences were imposed on that day," she said.

"Within two months you committed your first offence.

"Mr Quinn-Johnston, you are being given an opportunity to make a change.

"I remember telling you exactly the same thing as last time. You will go to prison, and it will be a very tough environment for an 18 year old."

Magistrate Pink extended the suspended sentence by two months. In respect of the charges of possessing dangerous drugs, stealing and receiving, Quinn-Johnson was sentenced to 30 days' imprisonment, wholly suspended with an operation period of six months.

The convictions were recorded.