Teen sets Grafton backyard on fire 'trying to burn ants'

WHAT do you get when you combine a teenage boy, a magnifying glass, and a whole lot of spare time on school holidays?

For one 14-year-old Grafton boy this weekend, the answer was a burnt shed.

Grafton duty officer, Acting Inspector Darren Williams, said police and firefighters were called to an address at Jackschon Avenue about 3pm on Saturday.

On arrival they discovered a grass fire behind a shed, which had also burnt part of the structure itself.

The fire was extinguished and suspected asbestos was contained by authorities.

As to the cause of the fire, Acting Inspector Williams said a teenager on the premises quickly admitted he accidentally set fire to the backyard with a magnifiying glass.

"The young person was playing outside with a magnifying glass trying to burnt ants," he said.

"When the fire started he tried to put it out with a bucket, but it got out of control."

Police said the incident was clearly an accident, and added that the teenager was very repent'ant'.