Budding young travel writer Jessie Gretener  at the Eiffel Tower.
Budding young travel writer Jessie Gretener at the Eiffel Tower.

Teenage travel writer all starry eyed in city of love

THE city of love, everybody dreams to go with there with their loved one. Every corner your turn there is something that reminds you of matters of the heart.

Not only the places you can visit but the people.

Paris is filled with couples celebrating their love for one another.

People kissing or gazing into one another eyes are found everywhere whether it be the Eiffel Tower or a rundown underground.

Start by walking through the streets of Paris and you will already find romantic places that will top anywhere else in the world.

Explore  the side alleys to can find a gorgeous, little, secluded café where you can gaze lovingly into one another's eyes as you enjoy some of the local food delights of Paris.

Find beautiful parks with fountains and lakes where you can walk, enjoying one another's company.

Catch a train to the Versailles Castle, where not only will you find a picture-book castle but also beautiful gardens.

Inside the Versailles you can walk through all of the rooms embedded with gold and riches, becoming so overwhelming.

The most beautiful room though is the Mirror room, where chandeliers drape down over a ballroom covered in mirrors.

Couples took the opportunity of dancing underneath the glimmering chandeliers, moving between all of the tourists.

It's not until you step out onto the huge gardens that you really find the love stories.

The gardens so beautiful are perfection for proposals, anniversaries and weddings that could even top the royal wedding.

Such romance is represented all throughout Versailles being like a fairy tale, you can't help but to with to be there in a huge ballroom dress and a crown with your prince.

Located behind the Louvre you can also stroll across Love Lock Bridge.

Fasten a lock to any part of the bridge with your lovers and your name on it.

The bridge is covered with thousands of locks that glimmer with the reminder of love.

There are all sorts of saying and names engraved on them.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris at night. Photo: Jessica Gretener
The Eiffel Tower in Paris at night. Photo: Jessica Gretener

Locks of all sizes, colours, shapes, each with their own story. 

Simply looking at a few you can't help but imagine the love story that went on between those two names.

"Jenny, will you marry me?",'' my favourite one said.

Check out the most romantic sights by climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Not during the day but around twilight.

See the sunset from the Eiffel Tower, which then will reveal a blanket of lights.

With this beautiful sight enjoy a glass of champagne at the top and toast to your love or to the city of love.

To top of a very special night, see the dazzling tower as it lights up.

The tower is lit up with yellow making it look like solid gold and hundreds of small white-blue lights that cover the tower making them look like sparkling diamonds.

Together with the gold tower and the sparkling diamonds, who knows it may now match the ring on your finger...

Jessie Gretener is a teenage Queensland student who is fulfilling the dream of a lifetime by travelling solo in Europe. She wants to be a travel writer. You can follow more of her post on her Facebook travel page.