SHARING STORIES: Film maker Janine Kelly.
SHARING STORIES: Film maker Janine Kelly. AAP - John Gass

Telling mothers' stories of pain

A FILM exploring the injustice of Aboriginal children being removed from their parents in Cherbourg has launched a campaign to get the mothers featured in the film down to a screening in Brisbane.

Yamaji filmmaker Janine Kelly started the fundraising as she wanted those featured in the film, called Cherbourg Women - My Struggle, My Fight, to see it.

"It is their story,” she said.

"I want the audiences to see these people are real, their feelings are real and that their stories are true but full of pain.

"How they keep that length of fighting for their children through this pain is something I have a lot of respect for.”

Ms Kelly said the film team had so far raised about $300 to help the women get to Brisbane.

"We're looking at ways to get women down safely and back safely that night,” she said.

The film, which runs for about 55 minutes and features the stories of mothers who have had their children taken off them by the Department of Child Safety, will be screened at Bunyapa Park in Brisbane's West End on January 19 from 6.30pm.

Ms Kelly said she hoped they would be able to get some Aboriginal dancers for the event.

"I hope the film will prompt people into action, because a campaign like this requires protest and we will be ready for protest in coming future,” she said.

"You need to tell other white people what is happening.

"We can't keep fighting this on our own, it's really hard you know. We do need the support of non-Indigenous people.”