PROUD DAD: Rob Fitz-Herbert with his wife Clare and their beautiful girls.
PROUD DAD: Rob Fitz-Herbert with his wife Clare and their beautiful girls. Contributed

Thanks Dad: Celebrating our local fathers

FATHER'S DAY is this Sunday and it is important to thank our hard working and passionate dads for all they do.

In this eight part Father's Day special, we point the spotlight on some of the much loved dads in our community doing remarkable things for others and being great role models for their kids and the rest of the region.

This is part one.

Rob Fitz-Herbert (Tafe Queensland, South West region, Kingaroy Chamber of Commerce and RiSa)

Rob Fitz-Herbert is a passionate member of the South Burnett community.

After moving to the region from Brisbane, Rob worked at Ken Mills Toyota as the service manager before moving into the Business Development Officer role at South West Tafe.

He is proud to be a strong voice for small businesses in Kingaroy as the president of the Kingaroy Chamber of Commerce.

Most weekends, you will find Rob playing great tunes around South Burnett clubs and events with his wife Clare and the rest of the RiSa band.

What thoughts did you have when you first found out you were going to be a father?


It took us a while to have our first child, so we were over the moon.

Then we were fortunate to have another two beautiful girls, so we are very thankful.

What does quality time with your kids mean to you?

Quality time for us is camping at the dam, and spending time with our family and close friends on trips.

When are you proudest of your kids?

Always proud of them, however especially proud when they are all laughing and joking together.

It's very satisfying as parents to know your kids are happy.

What is the best fatherly advice you were given from your dad?

Three things my dad advised me that have stuck:

"Stand for something or you will fall for anything", "Don't be afraid of failure - you are one decision closer to success" and "marry that girl... quick"

Great advice.

Never looked back.