CHAMPION IN MAKING: Jeff Horn hits the pads with trainer Glenn Rushton.
CHAMPION IN MAKING: Jeff Horn hits the pads with trainer Glenn Rushton. Chris Hyde

The Bundy man behind the world champion

WITH every punch landed by welterweight champion Jeff Horn, there was a little bit of Bundaberg behind it.

Amidst the mythology of Horn's relationship with his trainer Glenn Rushton, built on dreams and determination, few know the legend's coach was born here in the Rum City.

Glenn Rushton had a tough upbringing as the son of a carpenter.

Decades later, he became a millionaire investment banker.

From his $10 million mansion in Brisbane, in a gym nicknamed the House of Dreams, he taught Horn the Broken Rhythm Pressure style he invented.

The "chaotic" technique this afternoon had The Hornet shaking and ducking too fast for Manny Pacquiao to predict.

When Horn was getting too close in round two, Rushton called out.

"Recovery and gap control, you're too strong."

Rushton also spent time growing up in Townsville. At age 14, he left home with $20 to go fruit picking.

After stints as a bricklayer, photographer and the owner of a health-food shop, he became a successful property developer.

He turned to investing more than ten years ago, in the meantime winning five national martial-arts titles and building his own martial-arts and boxing schools.

The Courier Mail reported last year that Rushton Financial Services managed a $70 million stock portfolio.

"There is a psychology in investing, just like there is for an elite athlete in a competition," its founder said. "Like boxing, you have to manage your risk in investing.

"You don't want to get hit too much, but that is what a lot of people are doing with their investments."

Of quiet, school teacher Horn, he said: "Jeff came to me like a clean slate that I could program from the get-go. The best guys have never thrown a punch."

Rushton dropped Horn into the Queensland state titles in what was only his second amateur ring fight.

"I've been jumping up with every fight throughout my career and I'm used to high-pressure situations. Manny Pacquiao is just another massive jump," Horn told the Weekend Australian.

His now coach found him in his gym in 2006 when, the Weekend Australian reports, Rushton said to Horn prophetically: "I see you fighting at Suncorp Stadium in front of 50,000 people."

"Mate, I'll be lucky to get 600 people at the Mansfield Tavern," the boxer replied.

The Bundy man believed in the champion from the start. Their next goal could be Mayweather.

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