Anita Reeves from South Burnett Nutrition and Dietetics Services has given some tips on how you can stay healthy.
Anita Reeves from South Burnett Nutrition and Dietetics Services has given some tips on how you can stay healthy. Contributed

The dietary information you need to maintain good health

LEARNING about different food groups and how they could positively or negatively affect you is important when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.

This is especially the case for tradies, who often can rely on their body's strength to stay in work.

South Burnett Nutrition and Dietetics Services dietician Anita Reeves said it's important to get a good balance of these different food groups to help keep your energy levels up.

"Carbohydrates are a really good source of energy, so they'll get you through a big day of work. Carbs come from things like breads and cereals, but it's important to be choosing wholegrain or wholemeal options for fibre and other health benefits,” she said.

"For protein, it's best to go for lean meats, reducing your saturated fat intake. This means going for meats like lean chicken without skin or fish. Eggs are also very good, and nuts are a great protein-filled snack.”

Mrs Reeves also said there are plenty of healthy meat alternatives for vegetarians or vegans, including lentils and chickpeas.

"For fats, it's important to be eating good fats like mono-unsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. These come from nuts, avocados, oils and fish as well,” she said.

Mrs Reeves said that it's important for all Australians, especially tradies to know how poor nutrition can contribute to diabetes, strokes and heart disease.

"If people can include more vegetables and wholegrain breads and cereals in their diets, they can help to prevent risk of those chronic diseases,” she said.

It's also important for people to be eating from the three food groups in a healthy, balanced way for energy, rather than relying on energy drinks.

"They tend to give instant energy but don't have nutrient value, whether sandwiches can give more nutritious value, with vitamins and minerals,” Mrs Reeves said.

If you're wanting to take some steps towards learning more about healthy diets, Mrs Reeves said there are some great Australian Government sites, including Eat For Health, which gives information about Australian dietary guidelines.

Mrs Reeves said if you want to talk to someone, dieticians and doctors are a great source for nutritional information as they're up to date with the best health knowledge.

Mrs Reeves said South Burnett Nutrition and Dietetics Services has also partnered with Burnett Allied Care and can access funding to treat people who have been diagnosed with type two diabetes and obese clients needing weight loss help for free.