Walker & Butcher Transport know how to handle your agriculture properly.
Walker & Butcher Transport know how to handle your agriculture properly.

The expert service for your livestock transportation needs

FOR livestock transport that you can count on, Walker & Butcher Transport should be your first point of call.

Dean Graham from Walker & Butcher Transport who took over the business in August 2018 has a background filled with working with livestock.

"When I took over the business, it was because needed to be back outside working, so this was the perfect way to do it,” he said.

Mr Graham is both the business owner and driver, which helps him build trustworthy and friendly relationships with those in need of his transportation services.

From working in farm management positions to being a meat inspector, Mr Graham knows how to take care of your livestock properly on the trip.

"As a meat inspector there was a copious focus on animal welfare, which is important right across the board of farming and transport,” he said.

Mr Graham said that livestock transportation guidelines govern the way people do things, and with his past experience, he's up to speed with the requirements of animal welfare and takes it seriously.

Walker & Butcher Transport also caters for all livestock, including horses, cattle, camels, goats and sheep.

If you're needing your livestock transported, especially for show and cattle sales as well as paddock movement, contact Walker & Butcher today on 0427 023 638.