Are you wearing the right gear at work?
Are you wearing the right gear at work? Brett Wortman

The gear tradies need to keep safe at work

AUGUST is Tradies National Health Month, giving tradies the opportunity to make their wellbeing a priority.

According to Everthought Education, only 47 per cent of tradesman claim they take good care of their bodies, which is far less than it should be.

As a tradesman in Australia, it's common to be exposed to many kinds of harsh conditions - from health and safety hazards, like general injuries on the job, to being exposed to environmental conditions that could cause harm.

Some of these environmental factors can include over-exposure to UV rays and not being dressed for the weather.

Because of this, it is critically important tradesmen take care of their bodies by starting with using the right gear and clothing right now to protect their long-term health.

While different jobs require different safety gear, there are some things most tradesmen should be wearing for their safety.

For the UV conditions, this starts with making sure what you wear is sun-safe, and that sunscreen isn't too far away.

If you're working in construction, Safe Work Australia states tradesmen can minimise risk by wearing boots, ear plugs, gloves, face masks and safety glasses, hard hats, high-vis clothing and safety shoes.

While most corporate workplaces have general safety equipment as a uniform requirement, there are many self-employed tradesmen in the region who need to make sure they are ticking those boxes.

If you need more information on what gear is required on the job, visit Safe Work Australia and make taking care of your body a priority.