SPREADING THE JOY: The Santa at Kingaroy Shoppingworld loves to keep the spirit of the season alive.
SPREADING THE JOY: The Santa at Kingaroy Shoppingworld loves to keep the spirit of the season alive. Claudia Williams

'The kids come first': Kingaroy Santa brings joy

SPREADING joy is in the spirit of Christmas and is a top priority for Santa, who is currently spending time at Kingaroy Shoppingworld.

"I like to spend time with people, it is not only the kids, it is everybody,” he said.

"I have had some really sad stories from people that have nowhere to live and all you can do is give them a bit of hope.”

After many years as Santa in shopping centres in Brisbane, riding a sleigh at the Redcliffe peninsular and six years at Kingaroy he knows how to make kids time with Santa the best it can be.

"When you have a Santa come in half way through November it is not Christmas as far as I am concerned it is just purely for revenue, they are there for eight hours and they have two people come through and do it,” Santa said.

"At your major shopping centres it is a person that puts on a suit comes in and sits on a chair and says 'good morning, what do you want.'

"With me I don't care who I upset; the kids come first and I will talk to them for however long they would like to talk.”

Santa at Kingaroy likes to help kids come up with something personal that they would really like for Christmas and remind the kids that it is not just about receiving gifts but a time for family.

"When we get the older kids here what I try to do is to make sure they promise that when their mum wakes up on Christmas morning they go in and give her a hug a kiss and say 'Mum I love you, Merry Christmas,'” he said.

Santa wants to make Christmas a special time for all and will be hosting a sensory Santa afternoon from 3-5pm on Saturday, September 15 for people with a disability.

Through Shoppingworld centre management 10 minute time slots can be booked to see Santa, his chief elf and Mrs Claus in a quiet environment after trading.

Santa loves the joy he is able to bring the community and always looks forward to December.