Rick's Tilt & Scraps can help with your farming and machinery transport needs, and more.
Rick's Tilt & Scraps can help with your farming and machinery transport needs, and more.

The local transport assistance for you

RICK Henningsen, owner of Rick's Tilt & Scrap, has all your transportation service needs.

Working around trucks all his life and starting his business five years ago, Mr Henningsen has helped bring years of experience to the South Burnett's transportation community.

"I was ready and had the equipment to go out on my own,” he said.

As well as experience, he is also the only transporter in the South Burnett with a crane, which accompanies his tilt tray and tilt trailer services.

With the versatility boost of this crane, Mr Henningsen can handle all freight with care, specialising in tractors, farm machinery, trucks, oversize loads, hay and palletised freight.

Mr Henningsen also is involved in the buying and selling of 20 ft containers, handling their cartage and can load two containers at a time.

He also is a buyer and transporter of scrap metal, where nothing is too bug or small, from car bodies to farm clean-ups.

Mr Henningsen said he goes a bit further than others in Kingaroy and tries to service people in the area as best as he can.

For example, Mr Henningsen does a weekly service through Brisbane, Toowoomba and the Sunshine Coast, and can travel right up to Rockhampton, out to Roma, and into Northern New South Wales as well.

"I have a lot of very loyal customers, especially within Kingaroy's machinery industry with Ken Mills and Wooroolin Machinery,” he said.

"It's a great little business thanks to the customers, so I try to help them out as best as I can.”

If you're requiring help with transportation, call Rick's Tilt & Scrap on 0409 276 792 or 0437 955 095.