WRITTEN IN THE STARS: Kelli Moore presented at Nanango RSL's Mind, Body, Soul and Spiritual Expo.
WRITTEN IN THE STARS: Kelli Moore presented at Nanango RSL's Mind, Body, Soul and Spiritual Expo. Matt Collins

The one thing astrologist Kelli didn't see in the stars

ASTROLOGIST Kelli Moore moved to Nanango 16 years ago to assist her sick mother.

Her mum has recovered, but Kelli never thought she would love the region so much she would set up her life and create a family here.

Ms Moore runs Kelli's Healing Space, a Kingaroy business that specialises in massage, astrology and lymphatic drainage.

Presenting at the Nanango RSL's Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit Expo on the weekend, the astrologer and masseuse said you can find out a lot about yourself from the stars.

"Life has so many demands and the energies are changing all the time,” she said.

"We are really pushed to be able to keep pace and balance within ourselves.

"Astrology helps us to find that balance.”

The Nanango resident, who has a dual degree in psychology and business, was planning on going into psychology before she moved to the South Burnett.

"My mum got ill so I left the Gold Coast and came here and I haven't left,” Ms Moore said.

"My grandfather was the town barber in Nanango and mum was born at Ringsfield.

"It's kind of like a coming home.”

The well-known business owner believes through the psychology of astrology you can see your true potential.

"Astrology is an energetic tool that you can use to understand yourself better,” Ms Moore said.

Ms Moore said astrology has been around for thousands of years and it has certainly come a long way in that time.

"Back then, only the kings and queens could afford astrologers,” she said.

"These days, with computers, everybody can afford astrologers.”

The Nanango RSL hosted the free Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit Expo on Saturday, February 9, with a series of professional speakers.

One of the exhibitors, Rod Morgan, is a natural health practitioner based in Nanango and has been in full-time practice for 22 years.

"I have been in the same premises the whole time,” he said.

Mr Morgan presented his workshop, The secrets and lies of feeling great and looking good, during the expo.

"The biggest misunderstanding is the forgotten aspect that we have subtle energies within us,” he said.

"People tend to forget they have various energies that are part of our body.”

Other exhibitors on the day included crystals, essential oils, psychic healing, happiness, meditation and wellness.