Jess with Axle Whitehead on Channel Seven's, The Wall.
Jess with Axle Whitehead on Channel Seven's, The Wall.

Hubby flunks simple question on The Wall

A SIMPLE question cost an Aussie couple a fortune on The Wall last night.

Channel Seven's new game show kicked off earlier this week and if you haven't seen it, here's how the show's website describes it:

"The rules are simple: a pair of teammates must try to beat The Wall by answering general knowledge questions. Answer correctly and the balls turn green and fall down The Wall - wherever they land adds money to the team's winning total. Get an answer wrong and the balls turn red and the money is deducted from the team's total."

Last night's contestants were police officers Jess and Lee, a married couple with two daughters.

The couple had $465,407 in their kitty when it all went spectacularly wrong.

Here's what happened - and bear with us - for a show with "simple" rules, it's a tad confusing to describe.

As Lee was isolated back stage, Jess was given the four multiple choice answers to the question, but not the question itself.

The answers were: A. Auckland - B. Christchurch - C. Wellington - D. Queenstown.

She determined the question was obviously about New Zealand and was confident that her husband, who was backstage, would answer the question correctly.

"Lee's been there twice," Jess told host Axle Whitehead.

So confident was Jess in her husband that she decided to "double-up" so that two balls would be dropped down the wall, meaning they could win a huge amount of money if he got the answer right.

Jess and Lee on Channel Seven's, The Wall.
Jess and Lee on Channel Seven's, The Wall.

Then Lee was shown the question - What is the capital city of New Zealand?

"This is probably one that I should know," he said to himself.

As his wife screamed at him from the stage to lock in "Auckland" even though he was in a soundproof booth, Lee took his time to work through the options.

"I will lock in B, Christchurch," Lee said to the camera.

It was up to Whitehead to reveal that the correct answer was in fact C, Wellington.

"No way!" a slightly embarrassed Jess said, "well look at me".

Both balls then started trickling down the wall and whatever slots they landed in meant Jess and Lee would lose that much from their $465,407 haul.

Devastatingly, the balls landed in the $200,000 slot and the $300,000 slot - completely wiping away the couple's total and taking them back to $0.

Had Lee got the answer right, the couple would have had close to $1 million.


At the end of the night, the couple still walked away with a respectable $155,404.

No word yet if they're planning to celebrate with a holiday in New Zealand.