Thieves leave brazen note for their victims

THIEVES who ransacked a community sport club, stripping the building of virtually anything of value have left the victims a bizarre note, claiming they "still have morals".

The burglars targeted the Maryborough Softball Association on the Fraser Coast in Queensland on Tuesday. After trashing the building and stealing numerous items including cash and charity funds, they left a note under a virtually empty fundraising tin with a message for their victims.

"May be crims but we still have morals : )," the note read, with an arrow pointing to the charity tin.

Taylor, a player at the club told 7 News it was "disheartening" to see her local sports club robbed.

"Especially the fact they've left a note thinking they've done good by leaving the breast cancer tin, when they've stolen all the money we've raised for breast cancer."

Picture: 9 News
Picture: 9 News

The thieves cut the fence to get access to the charity club, before "jimmying" open the main wooden door, and using a device to break apart a Crimsafe screen door.

They stole cash, food, the club's speaker system, and other items estimated to be worths hundreds of dollars. The club's secretary, Vicki Warren said they even stole the doors off the bain marie.

"They've probably just taken it and thrown it somewhere, just to be smart."

The group completely ransacked the building, opening "every draw and cupboard" during the burglary to make sure could find anything of value.

Picture: 9 News
Picture: 9 News

A fundraising tree and cash also stolen from inside a filing cabinet, which was being used to raise funds for an upcoming Breast Cancer Day being organised by the club.

Police are investigating the robbery.

Anyone with information is urged to contact police.