Royalty or not, this is how you pull off a bridal power move

ASK anybody who's ever been married and they'll tell you: Hell hath no fury like a dysfunctional family at a wedding.

From invitation lists to seating arrangements, failed weight loss attempts and what songs they think the DJ should play, it's guaranteed to be a highly stressful time. And despite having fame and fortune behind her, it seems not even the future Mrs Henry Wales is exempt from the torturous rule of human law that is one's next of kin.

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Currently in the midst of planning her wedding to Prince Harry, the latest news to make it into the papers is that Meghan Markle plans to break tradition by walking down the aisle of St George's Chapel not on the arm of her father, but of her mother, yoga instructor Doria Ragland.


Gird your sovereign and clutch on tight to your pearls, people, the Americans and their thoroughly modern ways are coming.

Since first going public with their relationship in October 2016, Meghan has had to endure accusations that she abandoned her ill half-sister and chose fame over family.

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Then, following their engagement announcement in November, her childhood best friend sold pictures of her from their awkward teen years to the media, another sibling came out swinging with claims that she was not a team player in the Family Markle, and questions about her relationship with her dad Thomas Markle were raised.

Sure, it's a little more high profile than your average family drama, but make no mistake, brides around the world were sighing, nodding knowingly, and waiting for a drunk uncle to pipe up and throw in their two cents.

Thomas Markle with a then baby Meghan. (pic: Instagram)
Thomas Markle with a then baby Meghan. (pic: Instagram)

So with all of that in mind, it makes sense that Meghan would look to Doria to help her through her big day.

After all, her mum has met Harry several times and seems to be aiming to keep her child free from humiliation. Which, at this point is a step up from the rest.

Sure, the idea of a second cousin coming flying out of the pews to give her an earful while Thomas whisks his daughter past Charles and Camilla seems fun in theory and would make for great television, but really, you wouldn't wish that on anyone. Not even someone who chooses to fly economy when they don't have to.

In every way, Meghan is breaking the mould of what it means to be a member of the British Royal Family: she's American, a divorcee, has an established career independent of her future husband, and is bi-racial. And it seems that through her wedding, she'll be carrying on the tradition of doing things her own way rather than conforming.

And that's something we can all raise a glass to.

Katy Hall is a RendezView writer and producer.