Alexander Kenneth McIntyre outside court on Tuesday.
Alexander Kenneth McIntyre outside court on Tuesday. AAP - John Gass

Threats to decapitate, drop woman off balcony over text

HE HELD her by the neck against a balcony, saying he'd drop her to her death and happily do "16 years” in jail.

Instead, Alexander Kenneth McIntyre, who also threatened to cut the woman's head off, walked from court after pleading guilty to two assault charges.

McIntyre, 30, became enraged during a drug relapse when the woman apparently received a text message.

The former Fraser Coast man demanded the woman hand over her phone's passcode.

She refused.

On Tuesday, Brisbane District Court heard McIntyre pushed her onto a balcony.

Holding back her neck, he threatened to throw her over.

The court heard McIntyre, who was subject to a domestic violence order, pushed the woman back into the Brisbane unit.

His hand on a knife, he said: "I will cut your head off, c---”.

A crying child was present during the altercation.

The woman went outside, getting in a car. But McIntyre followed, trying to push the woman out.

Judge Nicole Kefford said as the woman drove off, McIntyre tried reaching through a window to grab the child.

The woman eventually went to Goodna police station.

McIntyre pleaded guilty to two assault charges at the first opportunity.

The court heard McIntyre had a good work history.

Defence counsel Joshua Fenton said McIntyre was not beyond redemption.

"There is some hope for this man.”

He said McIntyre knew the importance of addressing drug problems, as methamphetamine addicts "generally” did not live to 40.

Judge Kefford said McIntyre spent 10 months in a rehab clinic before the assaults.

He "reduced though not ceased” drug use, Judge Kefford said.

The court heard McIntyre was in an industrial accident, which was a possible factor in his drug use.

McIntyre was given nine months' jail, wholly suspended, operational for two years.

For contravening a domestic violence order, he got two years' probation.

McIntyre said he'd agree to take any rehab courses or counselling if ordered to.

"You've been very fortunate. I hope that you reflect on that,” Judge Kefford added.

"Think about whether you would like your daughter to be the subject of the type of offending that you've committed against others.” -NewsRegional 

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