Neville Aaron Voss
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Three cars worth $140,000 land man in court, jail

A CAPRICORN COAST man who purchased three Volkswagen vehicles to the value of $140,000 using his aunt's signature was sentenced to time behind bars in Rockhampton Magistrates Court yesterday.

Neville Aaron Voss, 28, forged documents which claimed his aunt was the director of a Sunshine Coast-based solar energy company in December 2013, a company he told a Maroochydore Volkswagen dealership he was purchasing the cars on behalf of.

The court heard Voss held a student visa and was unable to have finance approved so produced documents, including ASIC documents, which listed his aunt as the director of the solar power company.

He produced copies of the victim's identification.

Police prosecutor Manon Barwick told the court Voss' aunt emailed him on December 12, 2013 and said she did not wish to be involved with the defendant's financial situation but on the same day, Voss provided copies of sale contract paperwork to the dealership in the victim's name.

The court heard two of the vehicles were worth more than $33,000 while the third was valued at $72,000 and Voss utilised the vehicles for his own purpose but defaulted on repayments.

The defendant was subject to "a number of suspended sentences". "I certainty hope you have got (dishonesty type offending) out of your system," Magistrate Press said.

Voss, appearing in court in custody, was sentenced to three months' imprisonment suspended for an operational period of 12 months.