ANOTHER WIN: Nanango Panthers Womens team hope to make a third straightwin in this year's finals series
ANOTHER WIN: Nanango Panthers Womens team hope to make a third straightwin in this year's finals series Keagan Elder

Three years undefeated: Soccer coach shares secrets

NANANGO Panthers Women's soccer team is hoping to make it three years without a loss in this year's final series.

Women's coach for the last two seasons, Jacquie Downie said she couldn't actually remember when they last lost a game.

Upon going back through the results, Downie advised they lost in the 2015 final, 1-0.

"Oh, that's right. It was heart breaking,” Downie said.

Downie finished her playing days last year after having boths knees reconstructed.

But she has really embraced her coaching role and puts the success of the team down to the cohesiveness of the team.

"All the girls get along really well. We have had the same core group of girls the whole time which has really helped,” Downie said.

When asked what made her a good coach, Downie attributed the advice from her father as a large part of her success.

"Dad knows his stuff, he is very level headed, I think I get that from him. We are both very strategic about the game of soccer,” she said.

Downie who played for Nanango from the age of seven said it was tough sometimes to watch the girls running around.

"Soccer is my obsession you could say, I loved playing. I love the strategy of it,” she said.

When you have been undefeated for such a long time it is hard not to think about which team is hot on your heels.

"I think we have been playing a different style of football to the other teams, I'm just waiting for the day when the other teams catch up. It's inevitable,” Downie said.

Downie, who works full time at the Tarong Power Station, said she would love to see just how far she can take her football coaching career.

"I'd love to coach in a bigger competition, we'll just see what happens there,” she said.

Whilst Downie was confident her goals could make it three years undefeated and take out htis year's premiership she wasn't jumping too far ahead.

"What would a loss in the grand final mean? Oh I dont want to go through that again,” she said.

Semi Finals will be held at Kingaroy on Saturday August 18.

12pm (womens) - Gunnetes vs Wests,

2pm (mens) - Nanango vs Barambah,

4pm (womens) - Nanango vs Baramabah

6pm (mens) Wests v Gunners