A tiger escaped a Paris circus and terrified locals
A tiger escaped a Paris circus and terrified locals

Tiger escapes from Paris circus

A TIGER escaped a a circus and rampaged through Paris threatening locals before being shot dead.

Rail passengers were urged to flee as the beast prowled near one of the city's central train stations.

The tiger was seen roaming the streets around Paris's 15 arrondissement before police shooters moved in, according to reports.

An eye-witness who lives in the area, said: "He had entered a railway station, leading to its closure.

"There were fears that the tiger would hurt railway passengers around the Garigliano Bridge.

"That's where he was cornered and then shot dead."

It is thought that the tiger's circus owners assisted police in tracking the animal down.

According to the newspaper Le Parisen, the animal was shot by its owner.

Photographs emerging from the scene show the tiger in a spotlight.

Other witnesses said the tiger caused 'intense panic' as it made its way through the streets of Paris.

'There were people running and screaming,' said one. 'It was a very big, fierce looking animal.'

Circus employees initially have chase with a pole and piece of meat, but then told police to 'use live bullets'.

The alarm was raised at 5.50pm, when local rail announcers on line T3a said "a tiger is on the loose, please vacate the station".

Armed police were then seen heading to the scene, together with the tigers' owners.

At 6.10pm the same announcers said: "The incident on line T3a is over, and traffic has resumed."

A spokesman for the Paris police prefecture said: "The animal has been neutralised. All danger is gone."