A birds-eye view of the new NBN tower in Wallangarra. Photo contributed
A birds-eye view of the new NBN tower in Wallangarra. Photo contributed Photo contributed

Tinny tower debate

A NBN tower in Tingoora could dramatically improve internet speeds in the town, but many locals are unhappy at the proposed location.

NBN Co, the government- owned corporation building the National Broadband Network, wants to build a new tower at 39 Swartzs Rd in Tingoora.

The chosen location has met opposition in the town, with many wanting the tower to be further away from the township.

Leanne Morgan, from Tingoora, said the community was not against a tower, but wanted more consultation.

The current location is still away from the school and homes, but coming within a few hundred metres is too close, according to Ms Morgan.

"The position of the tower is right behind Hill St (where there are homes)," she said.

She is concerned about the long-term effects of radiation emitted by the tower.

"I don't know if we are guinea pigs at the moment," she said.

"We are not so much against the tower, we are more or less against the location."

The proposal came as other potential locations were taken off the table due to NBN Co not being able to access the land.

The tower would give nearby residents access to fixed wireless NBN and, for residents too remote to access high-speed ADSL, it could be the best option for high-speed internet.

NBN Co state corporate affairs manager Matt Horan said they wanted to work with the community to address any issues.

"We will talk about any concerns people have,"

Mr Horan said.

NBN Co will host a community meeting this Thursday between 4-6pm at Tingoora School Chapel to discuss the tower.