FIERCE RIVALS: Strong defence for the Gunnettes.
FIERCE RIVALS: Strong defence for the Gunnettes. Claudia Williams

Town rivals step up in fierce competition

SOCCER: It was a rematch of this season's President's Cup game in Kingaroy on Saturday night when the Gunners faced the Wests.

Although this time it was a different result.

The game was played with great intensity between the town rivals with the men in purple and gold winning three goals to two.

Captain of the Gunners Trent Faunt said it was a hard-fought victory.

"We really wanted that win because we lost convincingly to them in the President's Cup,” he said.

"We had a lot of players back this week and it was good to have a full squad.”

Faunt admitted the team's form had hit a slump in recent weeks and he said it was good to be back playing quality football.

"We really need to get back into the winner's circle and back as one of the top contenders in the league,” he said.

"It was a fast game and it was going back and forth, it was exhausting.”

The Gunners will be looking for another win next week against Barambah.

"I think a bit more urgency to the ball and a few more calm heads,” Faunt said.

"We will enjoy the win here and move on to the next one.”

In Nanango, Barambah won by four goals over the Panthers and in the ladies competition the Wests beat the Gunnettes by one goal and the Panthers won against Barambah.