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‘Toxic’ agency shake-up after mystery suspension

CHANGE is on the horizon five months after the still-unexplained suspension of Peter Carne as Public Trustee of Queensland.

His acting successor, Samay Zhouand, sent a lengthy email to all staff last week revealing that external management consulting mob Bushell & Cornish had been tapped to lead an "organisation governance and structure review''.

The probe of the much-maligned agency is well advanced and should wrap up shortly, with recommendations for a shake-up expected before the end of the year.

Samay Zhouand, the acting Public Trustee of Queensland.
Samay Zhouand, the acting Public Trustee of Queensland.

Zhouand was quick to reassure jittery staff that the review aimed at modernising the Public Trustee was "not about making major changes'' that would affect their daily work.

Critics allege the office is frequently toxic so it was intriguing to see Zhouand remind his troops that he is "committed to a safe, respectful and inclusive workplace and culture''.

"Please be kind to each other,'' he implored.

In a separate email, Zhouand flagged changes to the troubled new IT system "Athena''.

He revealed that a number of external firms working on the project had been cut in a bid to slash costs.

A Public Trustee spin doctor said yesterday that 10 contractors were let go from the $30 million "digital transformation'' initiative, which she described as "within budget''.